Girls, you’re begging your man to do the bare minimum as Parineeti Chopra flashes her allegedly Rs 4 lakh engagement ring. Keep a Note!

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Following her recent marriage to lawmaker Raghav Chadha, Parineeti Chopra’s tale of a storybook romance garnered international attention. The actress, who will soon celebrate her first Karwachauth, recently posted a number of photos from her “Choodha” ceremony on Instagram. We happened to catch a glimpse of her engagement rock, which is rumored to be worth Rs 4 lakh. Girls, it’s time you raise your standards and for the better. See it by scrolling below!

Since May of this year, when Parineeti and Raghav got engaged, her admirers have been eagerly awaiting her D-day photos. The couple was married in September, and her dreamy wedding photos had us in stitches. She was married to Manish Malhotra, and we adored her lehenga and simple wedding décor.

Parineeti Chopra has been teasing fans with glimpses of her lavish nuptials on Instagram. She recently uploaded pictures from her Choodha ceremony, where the enormous ring on her wrists was clearly visible. Bollywood women and their pricey solitaire ring habit are frequently showered with priceless and uncommon jewelry pieces by their spouses.

Have you all noticed this stunning photo dump’s seventh slide? We respect Raghav Chadha’s decision to wear a solitaire ring, which is apparently valued at an astounding Rs 4 lakh. We really adore her wedding trousseau, which is stylish and modern all at once.

Not only was Pari’s ring stunning, but Raghav’s Cartier wedding band, which cost Rs 1.02 lakh, was also remarkable.

Parineeti Chopra made a fairytale come true for herself, and these two were meant to be together. Girls, you deserve the best; don’t settle for anything less. Bollywood lovers seldom pass up the chance to create a flurry of PDA-filled fairytales and extravagant displays of love, and we’re delighted to have seen this one.

What do you think about the enormous cost of the wedding ring worn by the Meri Pyaari Bindu actress? Do inform us.


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