The Delinquents movie review (2023)

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The Delinquents movie review

The Delinquents movie review:

Unsuccessful bank treasurer in Buenos Aires devises a strategy that will alter his life forever. He robs his employer of a sizable sum of money with the intention of never working again. After the robbery, he runs into his fellow employee, who is also depressed, and persuades him to keep the money while he serves his sentence. It’s a strange discussion taking place mostly in the open over pizza at a nearby eatery. However, the proposal seems alluring. What if you could steal just enough money to go by for the rest of your life without having to work? Isn’t that preferable to working nonstop till retirement or passing away? When you could simply enjoy the one life you have been given, why work to survive? All of these are worthwhile issues to think about.

“The Delinquents” by Rodrigo Moreno sounds like a philosophical experiment. Morán (Daniel Eliás) hires Román (Esteban Bigliardi) to hide the money while he serves his prison sentence because he only steals enough for a modest retirement.When he leaves, both men can live happily ever after without being constrained by the social norms that currently tie them.Life is meant to be lived, and a few years of worry and discomfort are nothing in comparison to the expansive life that awaits them after everything is said and done.It’s unrealistic to believe that the time spent dealing with the consequences of the crime will be acceptable, but if work is a prison, perhaps anything else feels liberating.

Of course, it’s simple to say that when you’ve never been incarcerated or gone through a very trying time in your life. The majority of people in most civilizations must work because of the conditions of our survival. The limitations of working for money, however, cannot be equated to physical captivity, especially in a capitalist society where leisure time is increasingly considered as a privilege of the wealthy.

However, since this is a work of fiction, we shouldn’t take it literally. Just enough reality is provided by Moreno for us to empathize with the two men and their quest for freedom. A metaphor for capitalism is a prison.Depending on how much money someone has and is willing or able to part with, they may worry about how much goods cost, how much sleep they can get, where to live, and how to dress. Within this vast network of business and wealth inequality, everyone but the wealthy is compelled to take these factors into account, both separately and collectively. It seems sense to desire to go away and take charge of your life. But what about those who got away?

Román is the one left to cope with the repercussions of the heist, and he is accused of being an accomplice at work.The bank is always accusing him and keeping tabs on him.The bank’s security is tightened, and life outside starts to resemble jail more than anything he’s ever known.In a real prison, Morán doesn’t fare any better; he is promptly thrashed for hogging the phone.However, after hearing a lecture from an elder prisoner, Morán quickly adjusts to the situation.He can find peace in his prison cell as long as he keeps his thoughts on his future.

He starts reading all the time and becomes more composed. We find that Morán had a taste of the life he craved before going to prison.In the countryside, he found a lovely woman with whom he spent hours drinking, screwing, and taking in the basic pleasures of nature.In his view, all he needs to do is wait, and he can go back to his rural paradise and resume his previous activities..

At some point, Román discovers that he is leading the life that Morán envisions.F. With only time separating them, their encounters with nature mirror one another.Román abandons his wife to pursue a fantasy with a different woman whose laid-back demeanor seems too wonderful to be true.The character Norma (Margarita Molfino) resembles a sprite but is only made of the Earth and lacks an inside.She appears pleased, though, possibly knowing more about the world than Ty. The men view her as a mentor and lover who is teaching them for the first time how to live truly.Through her, the narrative unravels, exposing the tunnel vision that the character’s masculinity has given him.We spend too much time with Norma to not be familiar with her.

There’s no disputing how engrossing “The Delinquents” initially is with its gorgeous cinematography and subdued, reflective performances. But the movie seems to lose focus as it goes along. The themes and personalities that “The Delinquents” explores aren’t fully developed, despite having a duration that goes beyond three hours. We observe how fiction and reality play out like a thought experiment and are ultimately left to wonder what the point of it all was. “The Delinquents” is too easily sidetracked to address its existential issues as a feature-length scenario. Perhaps it’s because the idealized country existence is cut off from the outside world, preventing any direct confrontation with its ideology.

The only obstacle these men encounter in their idyllic rural setting is a woman’s affections. Perhaps Moreno is trying to convey that, after financial concerns are resolved, only the fight of love remains. Although it’s a good idea, the execution leaves us wanting more.

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