Leo: A fan claims that “Leonardo DiCaprio met Joe Biden asking him to cancel Vijay Thalapathy Starrer’s shows in the US,” but gets mocked online as people say “Seriously, What A Clown?”

Leo: "Leonardo DiCaprio met Joe Biden and asked him to cancel the US performances of Vijay Thalapathy Starrer's movie," Claims A Fan, Gets Trolling As Internet users Call Him A "Seriously, What A Clown?"

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With his forthcoming movie Leo, which will be released on October 19 in theaters, Vijay Thalapathy is ready to make the box offices ring once more. Following its domestic release, the movie faced off against Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Killers Of The Flower Moon” at the box office. While much has been said and written about this highly anticipated matchup, a Vijay admirer has made a startling assertion. Read on for more information.

Recently, all of Vijay’s Twitter followers participated in a podcast to discuss the actor’s upcoming movie. But during the session, one of the fans made an intriguing assertion that led to trolls targeting him.

I am speaking on behalf of a fan page from New Delhi, says the Twitter user who manages Vijay’s fan page in the video. Regarding the USA IMAX release and the cause of cancellation, someone had a question. They claim that Leonardo DiCaprio is the star of the Hollywood film “Killers Of The Flower Moon,” which just came out. He approached Joe Biden and begged him to kindly postpone the release of Leo or any other film for a few days so that this one could play on a significant number of screens in the US. You may look it up on Google; I read this article: Joe Biden has been asked by Leonardo to address the IMAX issue.

Given that this is a Hollywood production, it stands to reason that they would prefer to watch their own films before those from other nations.

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