Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan Film Review: Released alongside Evil Dead Rise, Salman Khan’s film easily outperforms it to be the superior horror movie!

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Salman Khan’s character Bhaijaan is the most eligible bachelor in his “mohalla,” which he is attempting to protect from Mafia politicians who want to leave the neighborhood for their own personal gain. However, you are aware that due to “uss area ka gunda bhai hai,” you are unable to perform gundagardi in Bhai’s territory.

Three useless brothers of Bhaijaan were created just for the purpose of chanting Bhai-Jan. Why so? It could be that they were chosen for the role solely based on what they did in real life. They decide to ship Bhai with a Bhabhi because they are in love, and this is where Bhagya (Pooja Hegde) comes in. For obvious reasons, Bhagya begins by hesitating to address “Bhaijaan” as Bhaijaan before moving on to express her desire to touch his feet in appreciation for the outstanding person he has been.

The screenplay for this Veeram remake, which was written by Siva in 2014, was written by Farhad Samji, Sparsh Khetarpal, and Tasha Bhambra in order to set it apart from the original. Every movie fan’s thoughts regarding Salman Khan’s performance as Bhaijaan in the movie “Done to death” are echoed in his final lines. The narrative transports you to the early 2010s just to highlight how much you’ve changed since then.

The script has been aligned and modified to have Bhai perform actions that he has already performed numerous times in order to celebrate his super-stardom. One of Salman Khan’s brothers leaps onto a Metro train by shattering its glass pane in an action scene, and in the next frame, every window is smashed. I’m not looking for logic, but it shouldn’t be so obvious in an action movie starring Salman Khan.

I believe the only reason Farhad Samji whistled at Salman Khan in the movie was because he knew the actor wouldn’t be receiving any seetis from the audience in real life. He also elevates jingoism by having Bhaijaan end a number of conversations with Vande Mataram rhyme. He walks the lead actress Pooja Hegde down the street while making random girls swoon over Salman Khan. He forces Salman to agree to a sequence in which he mocks Bhaijaan’s monosyllabic performance, an irony and a subtle jest that Salman didn’t comprehend. Farhad Samji is the kind of gift that never runs out. Salman Khan is forced to take the stick after he defeats the Turkish ice cream trick.


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