Amid Russell Brand S*xual Assault Scandal, Rupert Everett Says He Hates How People Are Piling On British Comic But Admits “It’s Done, He’s Down”in the Wake of the Sexual Assault Scandal, But Admits “It’s Done, He’s Down”

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The 64-year-old actor, who co-starred with the comedian accused of sex abuse in the schoolgirl romp “St Trinian’s” in 2007, has now acknowledged that his former co-star has been “taken down.”

After four women accused Russell Brand of rape, sexual assault, and both physical and emotional abuse on September 16, Rupert responded to a question from The Times by saying, “There’s nothing more to say than has been said.

I apologize for being boring, but I object to crowding in.

It’s finished, he continued. He is lying down. Let’s all proceed.

After their conversation was over, Rupert’s Times interviewer asked him for his thoughts on the allegations against Brand, and Rupert responded by text.

In the interview, the actor took aim at the so-called “woke” community’s fury over straight, able-bodied performers portraying disabled and LGBT characters.

He remarked, “Oh, it’s garbage! Rubbish! Absolutely everything!

To play that stuff, you have to be one thing only. To play Jew-ish, must you be Jewish? To play the homosexual card, one must be gay.

Are homosexuals really that different from heterosexuals? On the surface, perhaps, but absurd in actuality.

The 48-year-old Brand went on another of his internet rants about free speech and conspiracies on Monday (25.09.23), as police announced they were looking into sexual assault claims against the under-fire comedian.

A few minutes after police announced they were looking into allegations of sexual offenses in London and “elsewhere” in Britain, the “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” actor began a live stream on his $60 monthly subscription channel on Rumble.

On X, Brand wrote: “Are we being silenced? The fight for free expression is currently streaming on @rumblevideo.

He launched into a protracted tirade about a plot by the government to stop him from discussing his beliefs and making money on social media during the stream.

He also begged his followers for money on numerous occasions.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: “Detectives have confirmed they have opened an investigation into a number of non-recent sexual assault allegations against the comedian.”

We will look into a number of complaints of sexual offenses that allegedly occurred elsewhere in the nation.

“None of the offenses are recent. Officers will provide all of the women who have submitted allegations with specialized help.

Investigators have started looking into reports of sexual offenses.

Four women have accused Brand of crimes ranging from rape and sexual assault to emotional and physical abuse. Their claims were made public on September 16 as a result of a joint investigation into the comic’s treatment of women by the investigative journalism teams of The Times, Sunday Times, and Channel 4’s “Dispatches” program.

Since then, a number of additional women have come forward to accuse Russell Brand of sexual assault and cruelty.

Dad-of-two With his 36-year-old wife Laura Gallacher, Brand is expecting their third child, and he has vehemently disputed all accusations against him, stating that all of his previous relationships have been “consensual” and that he is the victim of a “coordinated attack.”

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