Pakistani Actress Nausheen Shah Wants To Slap Kangana Ranaut! Branding Her as an Extremist in a Provocative Comment.

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Kangana Ranaut has frequently been the subject of discussions due to her contentious remarks. Kangana is well-known for her motormouth in addition to being a well-known Bollywood actor. A Pakistani actress recently accused Kangana of some offenses and even expressed a wish to slap the Queen star. Do you have any idea what motivated Nausheen Shah to say that? Scroll down to read more.

In a recent discussion, the Pakistani actress poured her heart out to express her contempt and rage towards Kangana. For those who are unaware, Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming filmography includes Chandramukhi 2 and Emergency.

An interview with Nausheen Shah from a few days ago was posted on the YouTube channel Had Kar Di with Momin Saqib. The Pakistani actress mentioned Kangana Ranaut in the interview when asked to pick a Bollywood celebrity she would like to meet and express her desire to smack her. Her action showed it even if her assertion beeped.

Nausheen referred to Kangana Ranaut as a “radical” and added, “I appreciate her audacity for the way she says sh*t about my country and a lot of rubbish about the Pakistan army. She speaks about the country, even if she knows nothing about it. Focus on your own nation, your acting, your directing, your controversies, your ex-boyfriends, and anything else you want to.

When he asked the Dhaakad actress, “How do you know people are mistreated in Pakistan? “, Nausheen Shah made more claims. How are you familiar with the Pakistani Army? How did you hear about our organizations? The agencies are in our nation, and the Army belongs to us, yet they don’t inform us of these things. They are kept private, aren’t they?



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