Jawan Movie Review: Shah Rukh Khan Achieves What Bollywood Struggled to Accomplish for Years from the South!

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In his mummy form, SRK is seen saying, “Main Kaun Hoon?” as he shatters every last one of his foes. The actors who are brought back to the shows after being in a coma for months due to the high-payment demand have the expression, “Who am I? ” He receives a young child’s assurance that “I’ll know who you are when I grow up!” in addition to the usual Atlee drama.

Vikram Rathore SRK, a police officer turned Robin Hood, has been around for thirty years. He is taking all the necessary steps for the government to ease the lives of the people. Is Vikram still the same SRK that we first met? Or are they distinct individuals? Who are they, if they are different, exactly? That is the main theme of the plot.

When you look at Atlee’s filmography, you’ll see that each one of his movies has one huge thing in common: they are all made with a bigger audience in mind. One of the key factors in Gadar 2’s success is that it was created for the audience that made up more than 70% of Indian moviegoers. Since the beginning of time, Atlee has been blatantly acting in the same way.

If you were to follow Atlee’s style of direction, you’d see how he merges several films into one. The most critical factor—possibly more significant than the plot and the script—is his emphasis on heroism that is idolized by his audience. Again, the ground action and hand-combats receive the most meticulous camerawork in G. K. Vishnu’s action scenes—not the slow-motion ones.

When it comes to his time acting in commercial movies, Shah Rukh Khan gives arguably his best performance. This one adds a layer of portraying various characters, and SRK nails it once more. Raees & Pathaan are good examples. Only three of his characters have an impact; the rest merely add to the convoluted story.

Nayanthara’s character is given a pivotal part in the conflict with Shah, but I wish it had more nuance to have an impact on the plot. Every single frame she is in showcases her gorgeous appearance. Vijay Sethupathi is a much better actor than what he is required to play in this film. He ought to have written better. Sanya Malhotra and Sunil Grover, who play supporting roles, fall flat. In her special cameo, Deepika Padukone looks oomphy in her 90s persona sporting some extremely seductive sarees.

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