Abhishek Bachchan shares secret of his success “Never give in, never give up, hold on to your dreams”

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With his most recent film, Ghoomer, Abhishek Bachchan has returned to the big screen. In a recent interview with a media platform, Abhishek shared an inspiring story about holding onto one’s aspirations with his audience.

Abhishek Bachchan, the hero of the movie Ghoomer, who is no stranger to hardship and tenacity, was seen saying in a fan-shared video, “Never give up, never give up, remain positive, and keep on to your aspirations. Do whatever it takes to fulfill them because if you put in the effort, they will come true. That’s all there is to it; just keep pushing forward without stopping or looking back.

Then he continued, “I’ve always thought that when times are tough, you’re going to lean on that choice like a fallback option. For instance, even though I want to be an actor, I also have a degree in business. I can do this in case my acting doesn’t work out. When things get very difficult, you might decide to give up and start your own business because you have the necessary education. Do or die should apply here. We should be that way because that’s how humans are wired.

But for me, there’s never been an opportunity to do anything different,” he remarked, giving a personal example as his final point. Because I have no choice but to excel and accomplish my goals, you discover a strength you never knew you have.

Speaking of Ghoomer, the movie has proven to be more than just a success on the silver screen thanks to its moving story and top-notch acting as well as its power to unite disparate groups of people. R Balki directed the sports drama Ghoomer. The main character of the movie is a paraplegic lady named Saiyami Kher who, with the help of her coach Abhishek Bachchan, transforms into a star bowler for the Indian cricket team. The movie also featured Shabana Azmi and Angad Bedi in significant roles in addition to Abhishek and Saiyami.


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