1920 – Horrors of the Heart Movie Review (2023)

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Movie Review :

1920: A woman seeks retribution for her father’s murder in the novel HORRORS OF THE HEART. Meghna (Avika Gor) and her father Dheeraj (Randheer Rai) reside in Bombay (modern-day Mumbai). When Meghna was a small girl, Radhika (Barkha Bisht) Thakur, her mother, left Dheeraj. Arjun (Danish Pandor), with whom Radhika is in love, is the love of her life. Dheeraj commits suicide the day before her birthday. Meghna is in shock. A day after his passing, she discovers a book he wrote. It says Radhika hated Dheeraj because he was impoverished. It also claims that she began sleeping with Britons for money because she wanted to become wealthy. She poisons Dheeraj one day.

Dheeraj survives, but the injury leaves his physique permanently altered. Dheeraj and Meghna are abandoned by Radhika. She settles up with the extremely wealthy Shantanu Thakur (Rahul Dev) in his mansion in the Kosha Hills. Meghna is furious and intends to exact justice on her mother. At this point, Dheeraj’s spirit manifests. He promises Meghna that he will aid her in getting back at her. In Kosha Hills, Meghna runs into Shantanu. Radhika is reluctant to see Meghna since she is embarrassed to meet her. However, Aditi (Ketaki Kulkarni), the daughter of Shantanu and Radhika, grows fond of Meghna. As a means of retaliation for his murder and humiliation, Dheeraj gives Meghna the order to focus on Aditi. The remainder of the movie is based on what occurs next.

The narrative of Mahesh Bhatt and Suhrita Das is unique and distinct from that of the other Bollywood horror movies. Here, the heroine drives the madness and exhibits gray areas rather than becoming possessed. Sadly, the screenplay by Mahesh Bhatt and Suhrita Das doesn’t do the story credit. The dialogue by Shweta Bothra is overly cinematic.

The directing of Krishna Bhatt is subpar. Her method of execution, however, is obsolete. It doesn’t seem to be a 2023 movie; instead, it appears to be a movie from the 1990s. Also, events take place when it is convenient. Radhika might have informed Meghna the truth right away, but the film’s creators clumsily suggest that they were never given the chance to speak. Nobody in the family even notices or asks where the family’s longtime butler has vanished after he is slain. The persona of the gardener, who seems to know it all, is the most disturbing feature. One anticipates his involvement in the conclusion. Surprisingly, when he is most needed, he is nowhere to be found.

Regarding the acting, Avika Gor does a good job in the major part and has a great screen presence. Barkha Bisht also performs admirably. Rahul Dev is beautiful. The film’s biggest surprise is Ketaki Kulkarni. Pandor is fine in Denmark. The tantrics Randheer Rai and Amit Behl are over the top. It’s alright for Avtar Gill (Chowdhury; butler). The gardener Arbendra Pratap hams it up.

Though intended to be soulful, Puneet Dixit’s song doesn’t achieve the desired effect. The best of the bunch is “Lori,” while “Woh Kahani,” “Aye Zindagi,” and “Zaroori Hai” fall flat. The music in the background is terrible.

Nice cinematography by Prakash Kutty. Theatrical production design is used by Naushad Memon. Because it’s not overly graphic, Mosses Fernandez’ action works. The outfits worn by Shriyanka Sharma don’t fit the time period being portrayed. VFX is terrible. Furthermore, the way the flashback scenes are portrayed is similar to a shoddy amateur video. The editing by Kuldeep Mehan should have been more precise.

Overall, 1920: HORRORS OF THE HEART has a fantastic story but falls flat due to outmoded execution and much too many unresolved issues.

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