Bawaal Movie Review & Film Summary (2023)

Bawaal Film Review

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Movie review :

According to a well-known proverb, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. In order to make the point that we should learn from the mistakes of the past in order to avoid making them again, Nitesh Tiwari spins a cautionary tale about the dangers of fascism by returning to the World War II era and revisiting the horrors of Nazism and Auschwitz. Additionally, it is a moral story that offers interpersonal guidance. Count on Nitesh Tiwari to take a unique approach. Few people would have had the guts to make a love story about the Holocaust and war, but he did it nonetheless.

History instructor Ajay (Varun Dhawan) is mainly concerned with upholding his “image.” He wants everyone to believe that he and his wife are living ideal lives, but the reality is very different from this façade. He thought he had a trophy bride when he married Nisha (Janhvi Kapoor), who comes from a wealthy family, but he has avoided any contact with her because she has epilepsy.

He teaches history in a reputable school in Lucknow, but instead of doing his work well, he prefers to laze around in class and let the pupils to fend for themselves. They like him for that, ironically, because they also have free time during his lectures. Nisha is one person who has seen through him and is considering leaving him, even though he has everyone else in his thrall. He arrives at school one day in a foul mood and, in a fit of rage, slaps a classmate. He is unaware that the student in question is the son of a lawmaker with connections to the institution. Ajay is suspended because the politician wants strong disciplinary action taken against him.

He intends to travel to Europe and lecture pupils about World War II using authentic sights in order to regain the faith of both his principal and the students. He persuades his parents to give him a loan so he can go on the trip, and he grudgingly brings Nisha with him. The pair finds that the forced trip ends up being a blessing in disguise as they learn about each other’s histories while touring the WWII sites together. Slowly but surely, they fall in love.

As he accepts the terrible truths of Nazi atrocities and realizes how fleeting his own life is in compared to what people in Europe went through during that era, Ajay is seen changing into a better husband, a better person, and a teacher. Nisha’s wish is coming true. She has always held out hope that Ajay has a better self concealed within.

Nitesh Tiwari, the director, has taken care to present the facts in the movie accurately. By dramatizing the Auschwitz experience and the Normandy landings, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Allied soldiers, he has ensured that audiences had an immersive experience. Ajay and Nisha visit the horrible location in Poland, where they experience hallucinations of suffocating to death. Also visited is the Amsterdam home of Anne Frank. The director honors these locations with the respect and dignity they merit because they are hallowed temples to human misery.

This is Varun Dhawan’s most somber performance to date. He portrays a character that, until he learns to go deeper and face reality head-on, is all surface and has no qualms about it. His performance is crucial to the movie, and he gave it everything. As an actress who directors can trust, Janhvi Kapoor portrays Nisha with just the perfect amount of grace and fragility to win your sympathy. The two actors make the most of the chance by complementing one another.

We all know that War is bad, Hitler was a liar, and that every relationship goes through its own Auschwitz – the three prime learnings from the film. But what’s the harm in reiterating these simple truths in an era where living in denial is becoming the norm…

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